Links from NJFCPUG NAB Recap presentation

A replay of the Livestream is available here.

In order of discussion:

Apple MacPro still backordered.

Lens Pro To Go provided raffle items.


Black Magic Ursa 4K Camera

AJA Cion 4K Camera

Panasonic NAB Announcements

Panasonic GH4

Sony A7s

GoPro Hero3+ ProTune 2.0 Update

Black Magic Studio Camera


DJI Ronin Product Page

DJI Ronin Demo Video “Brainstorm”

DJI Ronin Behind The Scenes Video

Free Fly Systems M5

Letus Helix

G-Rig Valos

Defy G5


SmallHD DP7

Convergent Design 7Q

Atomos Shogun and Ninja Star

Marshall 1080p native display

Post Production

Resolve 11

Lightworks for Mac

Adobe Anywhere (collaboration tool)

Cantemo Portal (asset manager)

Lumberjack (logger)

Sonnet XMacPro (rack enclosure)

GTech EV SSD’s & Studio Series

Lacie Thunderbolt Products, 8Big, 5Big, and 2Big

Promise Thunderbolt2 Raids, Sanlink2

CalDigit Raids

BackBlaze Report on drive failures 


DJI Phantom2, Lightbridge

My Phantom Crash Videos



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