MicroSD Cards: Choose the right one for the job

More and more of my gear uses the MicroSD format cards, mainly my collection of GoPro Hero4‘s and my Inspire1.

I have noticed that some cards work better than others for certain situations.

For example, in my Inspire1, the best card is the Lexar Sport, while doing 120FPS in 1080p on my Hero4, the SanDisk Exteme works best.

I decided to speed test all the cards to get the real world performance.

ComparisonLexar-Sport SD-Ultra SD-UltraPlus SD-Extrene

For timelapse, all the cards work well, but the SanDisk Extreme has the best performance for a few dollars more.

I do like the small reader that Lexar ships with their cards better than the MicroSD adapter than SanDisk Provides.


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